Fun with Florals in Tabor

I've been getting really into florals and floral design this last year. From bouquets to wall installations to lanterns, hoops and umbrellas. I feel like everything should be covered in florals. They make everything so organic and natural feeling and when done right - can add a whole new dimension to a event/wedding design.

That being said... my friend Heather Smith, owner of Work/Shop has offered to and decided to be my mentor on this side journey of mine, learning everything from the basics of floral design to helping me figure out how to make large scale, completely unique installations.

I'm so excited and SO grateful for every hour I get to spend watching such a talented individual do what they love and soaking up every bit of information I can.

One out of many days we spent at the shop working on different designs and arrangements, we decided to each make a couple huge bouquets and my wonderful friend Jessica Heron offered to take photos of them because, who doesn't love a picture of some flowers?

This is the fun we had at Mt. Tabor park!