Into the Roses - Engagement Inspo

If you have looked at my stuff at all or followed me on instagram for a while you will know that 1) I love giant dresses and 2) I get roped into modeling...often.

In this instance, it just happened to work out extra well when the amazing Sweet Caroline Styles had sent me one too many gowns to a bridal shoot I did over the weekend and I just couldn't NOT shoot the last one. So me and my girl Kati Hoy were chatting and suddenly we had a shoot planned with a huge, gorgeous, mauve gown in the middle of a rose garden with a pink haired model...

Somehow with the 4 mins of planning - one of our favorite shoots came out of it and we could not be more stoked to not only share it, but have it shared by others such as The Bridal Theory. Thank you for checking it out!!